I have had close to 30 roommates in the past 8 years. I know, crazy, right? Currently, I have three roommates.

We spend most of our waking time together laughing, singing, dancing, baking, etc. And sometimes we even wash the dishes, if it's a good day. We are huge fans of Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, North and South, and so on. British accents are a common occurrence at our house. At any given moment someone might SBIS (spontaneously burst into song) about hot chocolate, driving cars, red lights, flowers, rats, etc. We are the kind of roommates who get into trouble with the upstairs neighbors because we are playing "Silent Night" too loudly on the piano, if you know what I mean. We just can't stop laughing.

Sometimes we make videos, too. They probably shouldn't be shared, but I am going to share anyway.