Best Excuse to Get Out of a Date

A few Sundays ago, at our "Feeding the Poor" event (aka-feast on the fourth, a monthly event where, for no reason, we get fed after church, just because we're single--life is hard, right?), we had a questionnaire to fill out for an upcoming activity. It asked questions, such as how old you were when you had your first kiss, what was your favorite Mormon fake swear word, etc.

It also asked our best excuse to get out of a date. I'm sure I put something lame.

But a few days friend told me she was going to tell a guy that she couldn't go out with him because she had her eye on someone else.

I called her out on it because I knew she didn't. There was zero, zip, nada, no one else in the picture.

She called me right back out. "I have my eye on the illusion of someone else!" she retorted.

Severe ROFL and LOLing occurred.

However, when using this excuse, she informed me I have to say it like this:

"I have my eye on the illusion of someone else. I'm looking forward to seeing where things will go in that relationship."

Ain't that the truth sometimes? What excuses do you love or hate?